Monday, July 9, 2012

Top Five Songs Metal

            Here is the first list of songs that hold a special place for me.  Like all songs these have a unique effect on my psyche and my mood, so let's started with my top five favorite songs from the loudest and most in your face of genres: Metal.

            To me Metal is not about being shocking, or political or evil, it's all about one  For me, the greatest allure of Metal is its sheer energy and force.  It gets my blood pumping and makes me feel alive. These songs, and others like them, are the ones I call upon when I need to blow off steam, or get myself in happier mood, yes they put me in a happier mood, go figure.  These songs have done little to inspire a short story or piece of flash, though Voodoo from Godsmack did once(don't ask),but they have helped me clear my head so I could write, and let's face it, a clear mind is of tantamount importance to a writer.
            #5 I Stand Alone by Godsmack- I just love the in your face attitude, of this song.  When I hear it, truly believe I can take on anyone or anything.  The movie that goes with it pretty silly, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it, maybe I'll do a review of it someday.

            #4 Falling Away From Me by Korn- This isn't exactly a happy song, what Korn song is?  What does it for me is the hard, in your face beat.  I could listen to it without the lyrics and be perfectly content, though it would lose a lot without the lyrics.

            #3 Click Click Boom by Saliva- This song just blows my mind.  I love the powerful lyrics of this song and the fast beat.  I have gotten my foot caught in the engine many times because of this song.  The one line that stands out the most is "On those Saturdays, When kids go out and play, Yo I was up in my room I let the stereo blaze, Wasn't faded, Not Jaded, Just a kid with pad and pen and a big imagination."  How perfect!
           #2 Dragula by Rob Zombie- What can I say about this? Rob Zombie is a freaking genius, and so is this song.  I've raced people (hope no cops read this) with this song blaring.  I mean come on, even in the video is Zombie crashing down the street in a car straight out of Henry Ford's worst nightmare.  Totally awesome!

            #1 On the Road Again by Buck Cherry- Yes, you read that right.  I found this re-make on a NASCAR compilation CD years ago.  As far as I know the song is word for word with the original by Willie Nelson, but I'm not sure because I have not heard it in a long time.  I'd love to get a copy of this again, I lost that CD.   Imagine Buck Cherry doing this song, and no, it is no way acoustical, it is in the typical Buck Cherry fashion.  I almost got killed once behind the wheel when I had this song going.  Do you see a trend here?  That was the point though, no not go fast and kill myself, but to blow off steam and unwind, which is a great gift for any song to bestow upon anyone.

            There you have it, my top five favorite Metal songs.  Yeah, they are loud, yeah they may be obnoxious, but damn it, I love them.  I used to listen to them in the car all the time.  I even devoted three compilation CD's to these types of songs. They were: Haul Ass, Hall Ass Re-visited and Haul Ass Version 2.0, and no I'm not lying, that is how they were labeled.  Speed used to be my crack...umm high physical speeds, not umm, actual speed, such as crack.

            Next time we will get into something a little more serious.